Why we love what we do

I worked over two years as a full time professional cuddler, which meant dozens of hours every week spent in intimate (platonic) space with men. When I started, I knew that touch and 

connection were human needs (as opposed to wants) and it was important for me to put more love in the world.  

The thing I hadn't expected, was how my heart for, and understanding of, men would shift. The needs of my clients were not simply for physical intimacy with another, but for the space to be soft, to be emotional, to talk about deep subjects, to be human —- to embrace their own tender energy. I started seeing cuddle space as a safe haven, where the hard side of men (or anyone holding masculinity as armor) could take a much needed rest. Yet also as a transition or a stepping stone. To practice softening with feminine energy may feel more comfortable now for some, yet ideally, this intimacy can be expanded into the realms of men being there for each other, or anywhere outside of romantic or sexual relations.

I'm currently back in school to study psychology, highly influenced by those two years. Cool right?!  Please buy a shirt to help fund my education! Thanks!! 

My sister designed this shirt for me, as a fun/funny conversation starter. Yes, bro, it's not only cool, but essential that you be both strong AND sensitive. We, your partners, want more than protection. We want your heart, to know your soul, to know your feelings. Cuddling is one place to start to open up to this side of you. Hope to see you softly :) 

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